April 19, 2017

Indiana Funeral Care & Crematory is an honored provider of Veterans Funeral Care. We are so grateful to our Veterans for their unselfish service to our country. We are proud to offer Veterans options for cremation and burial services. Veterans are a special breed of people. Admired by all, they have shaped the country in which we…read more »

April 5, 2017

Indiana Funeral care is the leader in affordable low cost funeral care. Our funeral and cremation packages are for a complete service. We encourage you to compare all funeral homes in your area for prices and services offered. We want to earn your trust and are here to answer any questions regarding your loved one….read more »

March 21, 2017

There are a number of resources online that can assist you in writing an obituary. We have included some sources you can access to help guide you through this process. Obituary Guide – This website provides tips & ideas on writing an obituary. Obituary Help – Free sample obituary templates that can be downloaded and printed….read more »

February 23, 2017

                                                    How Much Are You Willing To Pay- Simple, Respectful, Sensible. www.indianafuneralcare.com.NORTH: 8151 Allisonville Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46250 – (317) 636-6464 SOUTH: 6249 S. East St (US 31) Suite B, Indianapolis, IN 46227…read more »

February 6, 2017

Difficult times can often lead to serious health problems. There are ways to help control your emotions and reduce your amount of stress. Through life we experience times of loss and can lose sight of ourselves. It’s important to take care of ourselves both mentally and physically.                …read more »

January 20, 2017

By David Ring, President and Owner, Indiana Funeral Care Are the funeral prices you see from other funeral homes in the area leaving out hidden costs? It used to be so simple……call the funeral home close to home or your church.  Or call the one your family has always used.  But now there are TV ads, billboards…read more »

January 3, 2017

More Americans are now choosing cremation. It’s estimated about half of the population now opts for cremation over burial. There are decisions that need to be made if you choose cremation. If this is your option, let your family members know. Make them aware of your wishes and the type of ceremony you prefer. Cremation is…read more »

December 16, 2016

The holidays can be a very difficult time for many of us. For many, the holidays represent a time of grief & sorrow remembering their loved ones. The enclosed article from the Huffington Post shares some tips for surviving the holidays & other special occasions. http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/elizabeth-berrien/holidays-after-loss-_b_4347369.html Remembering our loved ones and recalling fond stories of them is…read more »

December 1, 2016

We have compiled some of our favorite links of the most popular poems and quotes to remember your loved one. Many of these are used in the funeral service as a tribute to those that have passed. A poem or saying is a great way to express your feelings at the service. Poem for today: http://poem4today.com/memorial-poems.html familyfriend…read more »

November 9, 2016

We are very proud of our newly remodeled chapel. Enclosed are a few photos of the remodel at our Northside location. Give us a call to schedule a tour and discuss the funeral pre-planning process. We are the original low cost funeral and cremation services provider in Indiana. Let us earn your trust…. Consider Indiana Funeral Care &…read more »