Attention Veterans

April 19, 2017

Indiana Funeral Care & Crematory is an honored provider of Veterans Funeral Care. We are so grateful to our Veterans for their unselfish service to our country. We are proud to offer Veterans options for cremation and burial services. Veterans are a special breed of people. Admired by all, they have shaped the country in which we live. True to their country as well as their families, we understand the respect they deserve.


At Indiana Funeral Care every veteran is cremated with a “retired” flag. It honors the veteran and provides one more patriotic duty for the flag.

Our “Retire You Flag” Program was featured nationally on on Flag Day 2010.

There is no charge for this service.

We believe every veteran deserves to be remembered correctly and be honored with a proper service. We are here to serve you just as you served our country. Part of what makes us unique is the fact we promote the use of Veterans Cemeteries. All veterans, their spouses and dependent children are entitled to free cemetery spaces and headstone at any VA Cemetery.

About Indiana Funeral Care and Crematory:

Making funeral arrangements is probably one of the more difficult and unpleasant experiences of your life. Because of the vast number of choices and options available, it also can be one of the more confusing and overwhelming experiences. We take our responsibility to you very seriously.

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