Indiana Funeral Care and Crematory Indianapolis | Deceptive Funeral Pricing – No Hidden costs!

January 20, 2017

By David Ring, President and Owner, Indiana Funeral Care

Are the funeral prices you see from other funeral homes in the area leaving out hidden costs? It used to be so simple……call the funeral home close to home or your church.  Or call the one your family has always used.  But now there are TV ads, billboards and even some direct mail, all claiming to save you thousands.  Who are these companies and what’s going on?

A new comer to the market advertises funerals for $2,595 and compares their prices to other funeral homes in the area.  They claim it’s the “guaranteed lowest price.”  But it’s not.  They “forgot” to include the casket, the flowers, the register book and the memorial folders.  Add $2,000 or $3,000 to that price.  And you want two to three hours of visitation and the service will likely last more than an hour (most do)…….that will be hundreds, maybe even $1,000 more.  Well you see where this is going.  Low cost cremation?  Yes, they offer that too, but there are hidden costs.

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Then there are the large and well known traditional funeral homes that have different prices at different locations.  You refuse to spend or simply don’t have $9,000 to $12,000 (or more) for a funeral.  Or won’t spend $3,000 or more for a simple cremation?  They recommend another funeral home, but they don’t tell you they own that funeral home!  Hmmm……  Something not right about this!  If they can provide a funeral or cremation for a lot less money, why don’t they  offer honest and fair pricing at all their locations?!?

Indiana Funeral Care has been offering complete funerals, including steel casket, flowers, etc. at your church or Legion Post for less than $4,000 anywhere in central Indiana for over ten years.  Simple, cremations for less than $1,000.  No hidden charges, no gimmicks.  No wonder Indiana Funeral Care is the ONLY funeral home endorsed by the American Legion, Department of Indiana.  No wonder Indiana Funeral Care is the largest alternative to traditional funeral homes in the State of Indiana.  Simple, Respectful, Sensible.

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