Terms of Sale


If death has occurred……

I acknowledge that I have the legal right to arrange the final services for the deceased and I authorize this funeral establishment to perform services, furnish goods and incur outside charges as specified on this statement. The funeral establishment hereby agrees to provide all service, merchandise and cash advances selected on this statement. Indiana Funeral Care will guarantee satisfaction. All sales are final. Pre-arrangements are irrevocable.


If planning in advance……

Freedom of Choice Guarantee and 30-Day Cancellation

Designating the Funeral Firm to receive the proceeds of the Insurance Contract to be signed does not restrict any right to purchase funeral merchandise or services in the open market, with the advantages of competition, at any time before the Funeral Firm delivers the funeral. Funeral firms consenting to accept the transfer of a prepaid funeral services and merchandise contract will honor the requirements and obligations of the contract. This Agreement can be canceled by sending written notice to the Funeral Firm within thirty days after it is signed. Thereafter, the funeral plan is irrevocable and may not be cancelled. Ownership of the Insurance Contract to be signed must also be irrevocably assigned to Forethought Trust, Batesville, Indiana, Forethought Financial Services, Inc., Trustee. The Funeral Firm hereby transfers ownership of any Insurance Contract transferred to it pursuant to this Agreement.

Cancellation Guarantee

This Agreement may be cancelled at any time. Cancellation of this Agreement does not cancel your Insurance Contract, which may only be terminated in accordance with its terms and conditions of the Insurance Contract to be signed. The owner of the Insurance Contract will receive the cash value if the Insurance Contract is surrendered more than thirty days from issue.